Managing rental property can be a complex and time consuming task. Our team of skilled property management professionals know just what to do to ensure that your property is completely and effectively managed. 

Our priorities include: staying up-to-date and abiding by current and local landlord-tenant laws, adjusting rents to market value on an as needed basis to ensure that your investment remains profitable, maintenance of the interior and exterior of the premises to ensure that the property be kept at an acceptable and reasonable standard, quickly turning units over in between tenants, finding a highly qualified tenants to reside in your rental property, and ensuring compliance of all parties. 

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Advertising & Marketing

We publish your property across a variety of high traffic platforms to ensure the most exposure possible for your property.

Serving Notices

Your tenant's compliance to their lease obligation is one of our top priorities. On an as needed basis, our staff provides the service of posting timely, proper and legal notices as needed for a variety of reasons.

Maintenance Coordination

A large part of property management involves the upkeep of the properties. We coordinate maintenance with our reputable circle of licensed, bonded and ensured contractors to have repairs and maintenance performed on an as needed basis. 

Payment Collection

Upon collecting payment from tenants, we offer a variety of payment options. We ensure that the money we receive is disbursed to the property owner and/or used for maintenance needs and bills for the property.

Executing Lease Agreements

Our lease documents ensure utmost protection of your rental property in compliance with Washington State laws. You can be rest assured that the lease paperwork is handled and executed prior to granting occupancy to new renters.

Administration & Bookkeeping

Our fully staffed office ensures assistance to your tenants on an as needed basis. We also keep detailed records for your property & tenants.


In the event that a past tenant fails to set up a reasonable payment plan and does not pay their balance owed, our staff turns the tenant over to a collection agency in additional efforts of collecting the past due balance.

Market Analysis’ & Rent Increases

On an annual basis, and upon request, we evaluate the current rent amounts and disburse rent increase notification if necessary to ensure your property is keeping up with the market.

End of Year Statements & Monthly Reports

We understand the importance of a detailed summary of property profit and loss. Our advanced property management software provides a detailed financial statement for our owner's on a monthly basis.

Bill Payment

Our accounts payable department ensures that any and all bills that our property owner would like paid, are paid in a timely manor. This includes, but is not limited to, property maintenance, repairs, utilities, and property taxes.

Showing Properties to Prospective Residents

Our staff performs tours of the property during vacancy in efforts of finding the perfect renter.

Full Screening of Applications

Our screening covers credit history, criminal, rental database, income and employment verification and past rental references. This detailed screening process allows us to find out everything there is to know about potential renters.

Security Deposit Reconciliations

Upon move-out, the deposit reconciliation process can be extremely tedious. The Washington State law requires that this process be handled in a very specific and detailed manor. Our team of experienced professionals can ensure that this process is handled in the proper way.

24-Hour On Call Staff

In the event of an emergency, we have someone available 24/7 to make the repairs necessary. 

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